life tempts you to be selfish~

i had just pulled into the sand bowl, buried the van in blackberry brambles and twig dried mud jumped into the back pulled out my wetsuit ripped open the sliding door and sent the dogs bolting for the waves, as i pulled my cloths off and turned my suit inside out~ so very dry from landlocked drudgery

when i hear another Volkswagen pull up and completely block my exit~ while the whole north end of the jetty is empty~Volkswagen's like to be close i guess and pull on my booties / throw shit around looking for wax and fins and leashes, i had just hucked all my shit in the van and taken off now i couldn't find anything

and then there's two girls standing in my door way, with sunlight in their hair, one with curling brown long the other with short blonde, in rainbow cloths and bikini tops~

smiling hi
hellos and love your van /are those your dogs yeahs and can we camp on the beach ? wine bottles and sleeping bags~

they take my camp site /i throw stick for dogs and carry my board south and surf for hours and hours of warm summer mush until my face is sunburned down clear to the bone

i sit in the van and eat and read /the dogs lay at my feet and these damn girls keep walking by and talking to the dogs and awkward smiles and chatty to me and fuck~ i know Mary or Laurel or someone is going to show up and see me camping with two young girls and call MeeMee and all i wanted to do was surf innocent

so i read and eat and drink tea /paddle out all day and clear into an explosive sunset blinded until my arms can barely get me back to shore and my legs can't walk me back to the vanagon

that night, i'm laying asleep in my van alone with dogs exhausted and i keep waking up to hear these two girls calling me, hey, come down to our fire, wake up van guy, and i swear they stand at my windows and knock on the door and i roll over and mumble sleeping

i usually can't sleep at La Push so i always have to wake for a predawn patrol and suit up without looking /because if you look you would never suit up and i step out of the van to a no joke apocalypse

there's chewed up marshmallows and camping gear and bikini bottoms and fucking hundreds of thousands of exploded tampons completely covering the ground all around my van and back to the girls and their zipped up tent

fucking dogs i almost scream and i have no idea what to do, shit, and i'm in my wet suit and drop my board and i lock the dogs in the van and scramble around picking up all this carnage mumbling and pissed how do i explain this, now that i've picked it all up, they'll think i just raided their campsite for underwear~

i throw all their chewed up crap in a dumpster way down the beach and i run to the waves and paddle and never look back when i get back to the van hours and hours later~ these young girls in a red V dub bug are gone

the place is clean and quiet i can breath and run the dogs to the waters edge where i send them out for sticks, timing it just right so they get caught inside and dumped in the shore pound.


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  1. I have a story from La Push similar to that. There was a Vanagon and some surfers who beat on the windows of my best friend's rental car and asked us to come sit with them at the bonfire. We all talked, told jokes, listened to the waves, and drank cheap beer. It was innocent until we became aware of our significant others on the other side of the country, so drunken fun turned into drunken guilt and we all ran home to our campsite at Kalaloch.


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