Probably killed by tree

or the Saudi royal family
or the Libyan army
or the Bahrain Royal family with tanks and troops refreshed from Saudi Arabia
i wonder where the United States of America actually ends
at the oceans ?
is the long range goal of our leaders ~ to have a little happy air force base and or navel base in everywhere ?
seems rather expensive if you ask me ~ a tax payer
perhaps our expansion should begin to contract~
we should start bombing our own villages

we should invade Texas and demand Ex Pres Bush be handed over to our government for war crimes and not finishing things he started
the longest war in our nations history still drags on ~ come a new spring~ a new poppy harvest~ more corruption~
the Soviet union tried to tell us their secrets but we were too busy yelling at them about space based laser guided defense systems and trains circling in endless tracks with missiles instead of commuters
i can't afford this anymore~
we need to do some Nation building right here at home, Mr. Politician
now the water is terrifying
i heart prehistoric robots
like a god ~who can only see the roof
drunk and or bad drivers hate circles~ every Sunday morning they lay ruined and crushed

probably killed my tree~ is written upon my hand as i walk for miles and the weather changes and the wind begins to really whip up and listening to the trees i think how funny it would be to be actually killed by a stray branch or trunk and have some medic or mortician reading my palm and laughing throwing me away~
what if all the fossils ever found are merely the wet concrete impressions of ancient vandals
after our earthquake ~ we'll live here and boil puddles and react
dead fall ~ nature wants us dead
leading ourselves down ~
just because it's picture exists doesn't impart any deeper meaning
some time in the future the automobile will die and simply become ~ some thing that needs to be explained
i see more and i see less ~ when i carry a camera

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