beaver tails and churchills

i had wanted to throw these royal parasites against the wall

every time i hear how excited we all are about another wedding~ that nobody with a brain cares about
unique way to display the vinyl
when is destroy everything day ?
i travel through thrift shops just to look at all the crappy things that everyone else has decided to be~ old / obsolete / outgrown
99 percent of all the vinyl LP's will sit forever until thrown out by more prudent managers
Libya ~ . . . Wisconsin, i'd rather die for teachers than for 3 dollar gasoline
and churchhills
the shear glossy beauty of old
the way i find you . . . beaver tail
8-TRACK Splendid
waiting to leave ~ orange
plug this machine in and instantly vaporise your retina
Alpine travel sun should be poetry written by wisps of men with broken guitar strings
i live in a pastoral world ~poorly painted
look at the freakin' kite with a rope ~ the mad colors ~ those ducks ~ that dress !
this is what i really look like ~ on the runway ~ from Milan's spring shows~

the whole world is a shelf ~ i just wish that this was a cookie
filled with explosives~ thrown through cute
the embalmed organs of breakfast~
carnival ~ we should all bring punch bowls to work and sip constant root beer floats
but i hate ice cream ~ as X wins
hand drawn plans for ultimate headplane design
spell bound i stare at this scene of domestic atavism~
A Muslim flag to fly over the White House before Friday's prayer
i slip myself notes
from meaningless moments of ~ NE!L~

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  1. You are much handsomer than the mannaquinn,more likegregory peck from margo george runway with hugh.ah memories.I would rather pay teachers than kill for oil too.Back from the pucci.


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