paint it red !!

the day they painted the little cubic bodega purple~ someone tagged it red

i walked away applauding
we should gather together as free thinking plumbers and turn these obelisks into potty's

put the doors back on/ core a hole into the ground /find the sewer main and put in a toilet
they stink like piss anyway~ you could call your mother
we could cut out the yellow and white pages and pay for the project with advertising and poems~ bibles and coloring books
and the homeless wouldn't have to shit on bushes
an underground newspaper's front window~ really underground security fence protecting some huge ass satellite dishes/ pretty
why any pattern at all ?
the despots get the years~ while the kids get the moments of triumph

as seen from the water
my wife makes monsters recycled surfboards into handplanes
the goal of evolution is not us
i'm always afraid that i have ripped you off

the shaper as dusted
i want to make a giant sized version of this handplane as surfboard/ bomb

we made model paper cars
paper airplanes
i hate the cloud

we came back from the emergency room~ to find the accident scene~ untouched

NE!L~ dust

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