read this fighting

by area ~ they mean everywhere

this used to be world ~ gone fishing

the blackberry brambles grow right into the very lives of people
organized crazy
a real life fucking tree~ weeping
other people's lives must be more interesting ~ must be more Victorian
a city full of haunted houses
every house is haunted
i am in love with closed / sun faded / dusty / damaged curtains / and what's behind

at times i feel~ that the great depression never really ended
i didn't sleep here ~ i walked by and wanted to bring coffee and doughnuts ~ and have them thrown in my face
a rebus dictionary the creation of this work of art has taken decades / weather and neglect
the whole world is empty and waiting
Publix Hotel Seattle Washington ~ should be rented to only gifted magical people who will die in fabricated flop house rooms staring at pieces of paper / fabric / string
that fire escape is like a love letter to a deadbeat God
smile as you say it ~ but say it
sorry ~ i can't read sign language ~ pictogram or rebus

i make fanzines for kids to destroy
can you find the hidden bum~ where he's hiding ?
death by~ handplane
in a more elaborate world ~ these dumpsters would attack /protecting the beauty of winding dirt paths to apartment
Jake draws comics
may your death be as picturesque

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