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the wonderful El Mutante / of Fatalities / perfect heller fame / musical genius, demolition derby mechanic /van driver / and father has finally found this song for me, a song that i have been singing for thirty years~

but i always thought the song was titled don't touch me~ i'm new wave~ don't touch me~ i'm new wave

new wave NE!L~


  1. Funny. I've had/have the record, never listened to it. Listening to it now, 30 years later I couldn't help but think of Larry David, especially the bit about getting older, and still being boring. Any other songs rattling around in you head?
    El Mutante
    ps it's Fatalitees, and it's why I quit the band, always having to explain the Monkees reference!

  2. i stand corrected~ i let spell check take control and missed the punk rock nuances of band names
    i never realized the Monkees connection
    now tell me about Perfect Heller

  3. Perfect Heller, no Monkees connection, was from the old world phrase "perfect little heller" referring to a brat. So I thought it was another way of saying punk, sadly no one else ever did! Sucks never being understood. e-m


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