red white and black

designated pass out zone~ oh boy / this photo has it all

coffee / beer / cigarettes / sucked the life out of us / would we really rather hide within the walls of bars and clubs / than to face the protests on the streets

when the revolution spreads to here~ do you think that our old / feeble / greedy / out of touch /ruling class will step aside ?
i can already picture the new united states of america flag ~ with all the blue replaced with black

the death of the car will make the country so much larger
i hiked out 8 miles and didn't see a single sign of support / demonstration / or rally on behalf of Egypt
when the crows show up to have a breakfast of vomit~ i know it's time to head home
a kind of hokey public art that holds up very well against the new Broadway, and the excitement i feel
owning a car jeopardizes your civil rights ~ the freedom of the state to take pictures of your car breaking laws / to pay for more police
destroy nothing day is . . . when ?
there's no free lunch in freedom
is this all that we can achieve with our freedoms ?

as beautiful and as transitory as this stands
i bring you home~ to applause
do you think the army will issue communique~ supporting our inherent rights of freedom and protest~
i write love letters to myself~
we wont have to pay taxes / to pay for an army / that fights for the wrong side / for always

i see a new USA ~ without the rich standing on our shoulders
in glossy yellow
the only place you can't be free~ is the place where ~ they've told you ~ you are free
i wonder if the news will happily show our faces dancing in the streets with fireworks ~
when they've asked for our demands~ What do you want ? ~ and we shout !

will our children be called terrorists
in the street~ NE!L ~

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