our chicken friends

after talking about chickens and falling in love with ducks at the country fair this year~ we have committed~ but first ~
does anyone really see UFOs anymore ? i know that way back in the 50's the whole world went wacko over flying pie pans and alien invasions
and in the 1970's UFO were everywhere and becoming big business
this is a great drawing of what a patrolman saw~ a twig faced alien~apparently there are only two kinds of people those who see spaceships and those who see the virgin mary~
i have never seen a spaceship / a UFO / an alien / or ghosts / or any gods or gods mom / how boring is that ?
when are the kids going to start seeing ghosts and spaceships on facebook and twitter
jump to . . . this is my weekend . . .
Judo's perfect floor
how i keep the kids on mute as i drive home from places
why yes, those are sour worms squished into the ice cream cone
Buddy L splitty in chartreuse micro bus
i've found myself making weapons at work again~
kind of a Dune inspired knife
made of steel and tape~ i need to see the sun
the hadj handplane i carved for my mom~ she's going to hit the shore pound with me this summer~ Bethany beach~ Rehobeth and Indian River south side
my old yard art storage
sliced this thing outta cedar for my sister's birthday~
skeleton of the new coup~ framed up and being tested
test driver~
the newest friends to come and play
fluff balls that squeak
and poop a lot
this little guy may be a rooster~ very loud /very vocal
such odd little creators~ i could watch them all day

look at the little gullet all full
and . . . the ducks. . . this is Mr. johnny x banana the runt
big flappy feet and messy little eaters, they like to sit in the water and throw their food around
the runners bring tears to my eyes when they stand up straight and talk to me
if they live / it's going to be a farm around here
quack. . . NE!L~


  1. The chicks are so cute,the ducks too,but where are they going to swim.How about a blow up pool for them.That Dashiell duck testing the cage is cute too.pucci.

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqdYjWfimMc&feature=player_embedded

    Chicken it out,
    Tinsel und Beatrix


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