the ocean was so flat and the tide so low that Chris and i had decided to ditch our families and see if we could swim across the river and hike along the coast to find a land route to Gorilla's / before the tide swept in again trapping us

this stretch of raw coast catches all the trash from all of the worlds shipping routes and trash heaps and a little bit of everything dumped, about every twenty foot there was another television, Arabic water bottles and Japanese soda pop, millions of shorn off pieces of ship, boat and vessel, hunks of plywood painted in nautical colors and laminated in resin and fiberglass, some broken /some burned thousands and thousands of plastic bottle and plastic jugs and cigarette lighters.

it's the end of the world after all

as we started hiking, and fording rivers and climbing over massed rootballs~ i started thinking about messages in bottles and how great it would be to find one and i swear ~
within seconds of thinking this ~ i saw this bottle~ ran to it and picked it up held it and, said

hey, Chris take my picture there's a message in this bottle

you can see it inside ~like a crystal clear bomb


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