delaware surf

when i travel out to see the folks / and the east coast kids / i usually lay up in Delaware for a few weeks / pretend to be Selkirk/ marooned on an island, i hack a pair of shorts/ stop bathing and resume my routine
wake up at five / drive to either Indian river or whiskey beach and surf / no matter what the conditions / or what size the oceans sails my way / i love these predawn patrols / the dolphins and their baby's come to say hi / usually just me and MeeMee freezing in the water / waiting for sets / and the sun to come up / i need to be in the water before sunrise
then i surf until i can't move / go home to a huge Josephina breakfast / a quick nap / try to go thrift'n / hit the beach again with kids for epic shorepoundings / fishing and hermit crabbing
back at the shack for games and more food / maybe a boat ride / and then another dusk off surf check / and back at home for cards / games and desserts / now you know why i love Delaware, Sea Colony and the UpInTheAirHouse

thanks Grandma and Grandpa~and little Ms. Meemee for patiently taking these photo's and enduring hours of boredom

NE!L~not in the green rm.


  1. What great pictures,Meech is quiet the picture taker too.Also loved the story.Heading down ther today,will checkout the waves.Also Happy Birthday to someone special.pucci.

  2. NOW i know why i love delaware beaches. thanx for putting into words. marilyn

  3. DAWN PATROL!!! I love the early morning walkers w/ and w/o dogs. And no crowds!



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