A Hair Diary

mustache / pubes / beard

dear diary~ i almost cut my hair
the clouds barely parted

dear diary~ i moved my crap out to the curb

three years ago one of my favorite trees was blown down during a very violent November storm

Yesler Terrace~ the city is planning to bulldoze this whole area ~ maybe they're waiting to remove this rootball rupture at that time ~ me ? i'm waiting for it to grow back

dear diary this city floats upon the waters of the sound as a gigantic iceberg pressed between these hills
what have we done ?

below this totem reads a sign that says~ we stole your land ~ now you live on the streets

i'm growing a blowhole

found a new job

looking south toward what the Romans left us~

i stopped thinking about Libya / Syria and Labia
dear diary i look down a lot ~ trying to see things that probably aren't there~ i ramble about ~ in search of something inexplicable~

i think i have to be out here on these hills and streets~ i have some alternate fate~ something i have to find ~ something i have to save
a painted over Kismet~

i merely slip into the past~ loose my thoughts to nostalgia, and~

the western sea

i watch chickens scratch the earth while people die on the streets against kings
i have become what exactly i have always been and hated~

this machine lets us carry the world in pockets
what have you done ?
she wants your empire~ to press upon her lips

she's dreaming of two black eyes~ fat lips and crash landing cosmonauts

we've cut the head off of beauty /plasticised it and put it on display / gaudy

some tomorrow ~in the future
runaway raver remembers rainy runway rehearsal regrets

somebody bought a fancy necklace for each of us~ lower halo
parts of the world exist solely to be gawked at / photographed
i can't trust myself to hold a camera- or point it at your living face
what if we're wrong about books ?

sticker steel tulips

i could never fix this bulge / somebody in the sixties / seventies fern barn era had cut out a post so they could play pool / the beam added, is so saggy now, it's thrusting out the walls

we painted this whole building

The Winston Building which will now be sold and developed in the coming years

Jake spent the first year of his life in apt C / Dashiell gestated for nine moths in apt Q

where did i go wrong ?

you have to live with birds to hate them

dear diary ~

i found you, when there was no god

save NE!L~

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