once upon a time a three year old taught herself how to write~ so she could slip this note into my pocket
to read a book about a guy who dies at night / flying the mail around / like the author who would die a decade later / the same way
i pick these things up at yard sales in the summer and read them all winter~ this one is very good~ written by a NYC police detective karate instructor
just gotta love this forlorn cover~
Jake's childhood buddies sent this over for us to read, pretty good short stories and printed on one of those modern Espresso book machines / instant paperbacks / while you wait / i suppose you could write one and print it the same day while waiting in line/ good job Zolton / send me more
some lite reading~ i just wish the text was as beautiful as the illustration
this book is fantastic~ these lunatic are doing 2000 push ups in fifteen minutes and 1o,ooo sit ups every half hour ~ 300 chin-ups in five minutes
i've been looking for one of these

you should buy a copy of this book / if you can find one~
it's like a magic trick show~
dragon claw is very similar to using the force
parkour on your back
apparently if you dig a hole an inch deeper everyday and leap out of it everyday you can dig forever and . . . what ?
two new cameras came home with me~
my son dashiell draws wonderful birthday cards
ducks in her shirt
hand training the chickens
shoulder walking, chicken pirates
i listen to AM radio
does it really need to be imported ? can't American candy companies make fake grass / to eat

all the decals were gone / or i would have bought it / love the name and the idea / USA
we blow bubbles
i buy blue machines / like this
my son throws old guys around

you will die ~ NE!L~

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