places to go

Jake was just a little guy then, when we'd all leave him in the van to play video games in a sleeping bag, parked in the mud, beside some trees, behind a huge mountain of trash, the tires sunk and sinking into the puddles and we'd all hike down the trail

sitting out in the line up the sky actually about two feet over our heads dumping rain drops on our faces the size of fists, an explosion of lightning flashed across the mountains, with a deep rumbling howl

some girl paddled around, out of her mind, whispering it's the thunderbirds

as the biggest set wave ~ i have ever seen crawled toward us, like a preview to Apocalypse, lightning struck it, and the wave burst into flame and roared wide cutting off the channel~ the trees~ the trail

hours later and hours spent underwater trying to reach the surface

we found Jake hiding in the back of the van with his head under the covers,

why are you hiding ?

and his little animated face broke out~

some guy in a truck pulled up behind us, got out with a huge gun and just started shooting things, a refrigerator, a couch, seagulls a dead dog, just shooting everything, i had to hide

as we stood around stunned and laughing beneath the dripping trees ~ full of dolls

NE!L~the seal

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