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mouse for vagina
Tuesday, election night, Deav and i roll across the rain splattered streets liberating political trash
my plucker /on the streets / in action
the spoils of our crime~ new demonstration signs to be painted
reused and up-cycled
Thursdays march down the hill to the waterfront was amazing / from the weather / to the taking of the streets
Then S&P&R built this amazing super-structure of pure power and organic growth ~ three stories high, built of twigs/ twine/ and zip-ties/ and tarps/ the New Art Fort/ meeting place and Hub
with wall space for shows / supplies / a staff and now a full functioning fanzine
now i feel as though i have a home / on the streets
now with sniper curtains
this is where i live every morning / in beautiful
there's a haiku in here somewhere
found ready-mades / i would have taken this art home with me / but alas it is too toxic
sometimes autumn surprises me / with how is it possible to have so many leaves / and the shedding of same
children's art is still the best and i will be opening my children's art gallery and cafe / soon/ just as soon as we win the revolution/ and i am driving down MLK in a liberated police cruiser
speaking of liberated / how's this ?
trees going bald in the wind of the Salish Sea
and then i saw this~ and forgot that i had any purpose in life but to marvel. . . at . . . you

NE!L~ wrapped in steel

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