now with ~ anarchists !

i want to wear masks and run through the streets with. . .
children. . . eating candy by the pound . . . against the rules of civilizations dinner bell
i just found out that this Occupation isn't about anything else but this very Occupation and building a new world / a better world / hidden right out in plain sight/ out among the trees of parks and city streets carnivals
among a new wonderful people / a people that i could never have imagined sitting in tree forts with / for no other reason than, to be / in trees on fire against autumn nights and November rains among the ruins of our older society
we can build it smaller and more colorful with different every-things
we will start by printing our own barter scrip /what our old selves called money
be it twig shaped promises or hand smoothed IOU
black laced love-notes glistening with dew
we started by simply talking to unlikely allies
by standing on streets with strangers~
we need each other~
to craft words for unspoken languages
of what we have hidden within ourselves ~that even we may be shocked to see
paint it orange
paint it green
create something else for these young men to grow into~ a tighter fitting utopian jump suit
my revolutionary name is Ear-cuff

i like Hawaiian cake / i like to bake / and want to see the streets running with red paint
Ass Flags and Butt Capes
like a farmers market ~you sleep in
find sanctuary
build homes with the wasteful droppings of politicians
eat the heart out of holiday's pretensions
bring children out ~ and away from ~ passive
give someone the shirt off your back~ because they ask
fill the void around yourself with still-life premature joy
tents and tarps to hide our collective pregnancy
Art & Armory
cardboard commandos cloaked in Cascadian caskets

no drugs / no alcohol / it's like a straight edge recital
my son within the limitless machine which will bring him into the future~

when i am in fact an ancient old man and the grand kids are pushing me down the silver taffeta streets~ i don't want to have to tell them~ that during the revolution i watched it all on TV
that i felt comfortable enough and warm enough~ well feed enough~ content enough
to live everyday like it was do nothing day


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