hoods up

1500 LA police to break up a camp of less than five hundred peaceful campers, poor people, the marginalized, the crippled, runaways, and people suffering with drug and alcohol dependance
and their wonderful dogs
across the whole nation, city governments are breaking the camps, so the lucky citizens who have homes and sanity don't have to look at all these bums concentrated in one location
this hurts the eyes and noses of pedestrians~ who would rather have all the homeless down in the industrial areas of town, shitting in doorways and struggling to survive~ alone and isolated
the Occupation has offered through default, not planning, a safer place to live in shelter, with restrooms and hot food and 24 hour medical staff on-site
where else in this city can the homeless find these basic human rights ?
when all the shelters are closed or closing
homeless advocacy is not a very popular issue~ people are frightened of the streets and the people who have to live there, i said HAVE to live out there, without choice, desperately
bulldozing the camps and destroying their tents and crushing their gear does not solve the problem~ why can't the states use the money wasted in police actions~ to set up real camps~ set up fields of temporary housing ?
because then the people who drive to work and walk to ball games would be confronted by Malls of Economic Segregation
Scatter the poor is the countries solution~ divide and let die !
while Art stores will donate thousands of dollars worth of paint ~ for popular causes like buy nothing day
and even i would rather paint signs and march in the streets, rather than to have to deal with the staggering weight of this dispossessed class
you say class warfare like it's a bad thing ! we need to fight in the streets for Economic equality
we need to fight in the streets to protect the camps from oppression / we need to paint in the streets so that the lucky 99% can see the true honor and horror that which this society has created
how can 200 hardcore volunteers possible support a cities worth of homeless / how can the Occupation be held responsible for your system's economy of failure ~
while i eat 7 different types of pie celebrating colonial empires birth and slavery
paint it pink ! paint it black !
Buy Nothing Day ! forever !
my favorite artist Lil' MeeMee center stage
someday, it will be summer again~
fat assed fucks
we protested Walmart's economic attack on it's own workers
they've built a one billion dollar art museum in china
whenever i read this graffiti i wanna run through the streets without purpose but to run with anarchists under trees and stars and office window street lights / just to run
away from this prison of a regular life spent in warm well lite nightmares
away from people who smell like candy and mint and artificial flowers
away from clocks and calendars and conversations
away from anything new or purchased gleaming, packaged
to run into something creative~ hand-built and sloppy~
something of which can never be bought or sold~
a solid wondrous mess
with a soul
that burns and is attached to a real live person ~ who is and creates it ~ for real ~ forever



  1. Saw your blog in full living color this time.Very Powerful.It is quiet overwhelming for me,but I am behind you 100% even though I do not understand the whole thing.pucci.

  2. it's all very simple
    stop the forced march of the economic refugees

  3. Arg !
    are pirates in the house ?


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