free ~ up against the wall

a lot can happen it three blocks ~ kick in the door to condemned warehouse space and explode in wonder !
grab fat rattle-cans and paint~
skate and jump up and down with joy enclosed within the space of confinement
watch people's faces as you pass them a can of paint~
10 Th. ave. and Union, Seattle, WA our newest home / headquarters / encampment
with painters / artists and / so much more space
to create
another world is possible !!!!
the pool
within ancient space-station's masked heroes
a tent
creativity expands ~
something so purple
stilled in life lines
beneath threats redacted
this had read Teens, but now the revolution is All Ages
i find myself alone under icy cold pinprick stars
with art and running home alone with the nights shallow darkness fuzzed out with frosted crisp bewilderment~ i want to paint for hours and run for days and never have to go to work and live in factory basements with bombs for fingers

living with this very moment held precious

until replaced by things better


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