seattle police swat team raids artist residence

with overwhelming tactical fire power and well over thirteen squad cars thirty police officers and the SWAT team loaded with hand guns, shotguns and assault rifles~ the much beleaguered Seattle Police Department~ and DOJ reprimanded~ raided the Artist collective named ~
a group of homeless Artists / musicians and economic refugees~ a group attempting to establish a straightedge environment of creation
peaceful protesters arrested ~ 2
illegally detained citizen ~ 1

artists in handcuffs
Seattle Police Department can't help but give and give this holiday season~ merry Christmas homeless citizens~ get back on the streets~ in the cold and rain~ 'tis the season
the police must have been embarrassed they wouldn't tell anyone their names or divulge their badge numbers~ and then we made one of them cry his eyes out~

we had just furnished this house /brought in more blankets / cooked some french-fries and set up some wicked book shelves for the library w/piranha

then the fire department showed up to board up the doors and lock out our freedom

when i got home~ a friend called to tell me that we had opened the doors again

Thank you so much K & G ! thank you Alder street Turritopsis Nutricula and thank you OS brothers and sisters for support, witness and solidarity

NE!L~ with tears

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