taking pictures of people taking pictures of people taking pictures of people taking pictures of ~

12D WCPSDWest Coast Port Shut Down
before we arrived there was a lot of trash to pick up and odd juxtaposing
the Port of Seattle's number two trade is human traffic / slave trade / exploitation
the unions asked us to join them on this day of protest~ and then pulled out~ through pressure from above~ at the international level~ the crowd was full of union workers anyway
our people live beneath these super structures
and sleep under concrete clouds

because we wont go home and shut up. . .
because we stopped shopping
because we don't stop when men with guns command
because these are, our streets to peacefully protest upon
to find joy in taking pictures of people taking pictures of people taking pictures of. . .
just in case we decided to jump into the frozen waters of the sound and start boarding cargo ships
because we wont run home crying in the face of pepper spray, stun grenades and mounted Calvary charges, men in medieval body armor with shields and bright worked batons, against unarmed girls in knit wear and seventy year old priests, who hold their ground, bloodied
because we dare to question the corporations abuse
because they create lines in the street that they stand behind and taunt us from behind helmet sunglasses and hatred~ because we want equality, economic justice and freedom
they have branded us, with the acquiescence of their media the most violent peaceful protesters in the USA
the most dangerous terrorists / anarchist / activists threatening the nation
because we want to be free and brave for you /for us/ for them /who stay home/ and think that they are safe

while we are beaten in the streets ~for talking to each other about the possibilities


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