the art of the house~ WATER

to shut down seattle steam leathal generators
walking banner
rise and decolonize~ WCPSD
the home occupied by the artists, builders and musicians existed in freedom for twelve days~ things happen fast in this vortex of creation~ the people needed blankets and food first~ beds~ water books second, the art was happening on the streets through outreach to the community~ with whom support was building~ at least five mural projects are on stack

the artist~ Drinkwater
where the history of indigenous people* will be painted
before ~
Olmec head and temple~
this wall was painted with the express encouragement of the building occupants~ surrounded on three sides by churches ~ the people walking passed all say ~ "paint them all !"

locate ~Fir Street between 14 Th and 15 Th ~ Central District

NE!L~ in solidarity

*not the actual name~ i just made that up~ will clarify later

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