to stop us from surrender

Some moments just need to be lived~ to be on the streets with people you don't know~ but love and cherish anyway~ to be attacked together by bicycles and pepper sprayed for being guilty of peaceful protest~ these moments are best left to other photographers / the journalists / camera wielding bystanders~tourists !
these back-lite moments of wonder are best felt surging in your blood, running passed barricades and lines of black clad police, rushing forward to stop an ally from being targeted for a snatch, for being outspoken~ against brutality / hatred / deportations lies
what better way to spend the days twilight than to march / into the very heart of a city/ a society / that needs to be re-created ~ into somehow something else
to explode in joy and hug perfect strangers in teargas soaked cloths, beneath street lights and helicopters
to run out of words to dam the tears of sitting in tents under autumns naked trees with artists and maniacs and gardeners and misfit knitters / sign builders and rattle can genius' mop wielding poets who glow and hold my hand to form lines to push back against the very machine we live within
who speak and talk and never shut the fuck up or take out the trash or do the dishes~ but climb bridges and overpass structure
to stop us from surrender
to stop us from surrender
these moments will die and be buried and forgotten by the moments of epiphany to come~
by a new world
by the glittering invisible New World to be built upon impossible

this very minute as i burn and race with adrenaline charm~ thinking of you ~ brave crazed warrior~ penniless~ sloppy wet sleeping bags and rags~ against these monsters of . . .
owned media, owned capital, owned police force owned Representative governments all conspiring to harm ignore push and crush us aside~
this very sane power of will to sleep under city sky's is unstoppable~
the gift to feed our own hungry to hold our broken brothers and sisters in the rain in the cold in the wind
by those who just wish we'd get jobs and go home
thinking of you in bravery /willing to fight and scream and be beaten and dragged to jail, followed targeted and tortured / because you refused to fail

watching you save me from myself
makes me as strong as you
surrounded. . .
but stopped from surrender

NE!L~for R & S


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