warning ! i did not paint this painting- but it is a masterpiece found over at Regretsy~

i don't often send people packing out on long finger trips to other websites but you've just gotta check this out- especially because the Etsy administrators forbid it's name to be mentioned

i haven't been able to stop looking and laughing-

until i see my art anyway- oh crap !

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  1. What the Hell? (In response to catboy's comment.)

    Do you mean are the drawings done today?
    For 'Streetment' and for 'drawing while driving' and a 'dog a day' they are. The jtsteiny blog is just going through every page of books finished. From beginning to end. Spread by spread.
    But I don't really care what you think,
    you're going to give me a big hug anyway.

    I won't go on again about how much I love your writing and whole attitude. So I won't.
    J tree wreckin' T


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