the ship who wears a bun

hello ? hello ? super frightening little girl in old grandma dress with matching blue lips- Hello ?*

huge stuffed brown bear and boy with cowlick and fucked up walleye reading a book- bomb making porno

oops, my mistake, no blue lips- a blue moustache in celebratory spirit of the all month long uber holiday stashtober

hello ? Henry Darger ? where's my penis ? hello ? hello ? that thing certainly looks like a bun to me- and speaking of buns-

this fucking book is like a tall cool glass of acid thrown in my face- but i should have known when i saw this cover and laughed out loud at a yard sale- where some maniac was selling thousands of brand new paper back trash- because he is a recent Kindler- and is all into it- because he reads about a million pulpy novels a week- and i bought all the titles i never buy new- all the books I've seen for years or have heard of on the street

the gist is that a bunch of vikings live on this planet, full of magic left to them from the predictable old ones, they fly around in easy chairs fighting each other and enslaving the indigenous people and exploiting the environment

the ship who won is some dumb old lady in a shawl and bun who hires a burly weight lifter with greco roman skills and caveman good looks to search the Galaxy for therapy and aliens- great- and the ship paints oil paintings to make a little cash for fuel and her partner Kirks the young ladies inhabiting the universe of bad s-f novels

there's all sorts of contrived romance novel love scenes guaranteed to leave a horrible flaccid stain right behind my eyes- but the cover art is wonderful- maybe these books should just be comic books instead of wasting all this valuable print and paper ~

you'all might like to visit CatMask's newest blog called Tape Hiss- catmask is some kid named Jake living in Seattle- Love the blog name and the band name and he writes some crazy blurbs-he makes musical noise and drives us all crazy
p.s. the banner stash is the infamously beautiful Cyrus'- thnx~
* my wife collects vintage material and makes pillows and all my outfits

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  1. you got a lot of post-scripts going on there.

    p.s. thanks


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