quick, have to post up a bomb before i collapse and need to take a nap- must. . . get. . . to . . . keypad - tonight's the big costume ball over at scribble, the going away party- we are all moving on- must get over there for the goodbye- then it's off to work, argh. . . 3rd shift, so sleepy-
anyhow- this is me driving my van, while taking pictures of my favorite Filipino treat, Karoka- so good and gooey, thick sweet dough fried and soaked in honey and skewered- yumm

my family hates them, so i eat them alone in the van

country gingham pie painting- looking to paint me a logo-

i'm a human fly and i don't know why, i gotta 96 tears and 96 eyes, such a great cramps song- this is not a song, but a little postcard

a nude witch painting for all you tricky treaters

the parable of never knowing which god you'll end up with~

a really old painting about mitten's-

a really new painting about oven mitts and flame- from a shit load of logo studies~

cyclops with cyclops boob too- funny ? not so funny ?

rasta bum all upset because he kicked over this wine and his invisible socks and shoes got wet

favorite painting of the month- the parable of why god looks in the mirror with his eyes closed

spider web i saw in a hole with dew and . . . i'm so sensitive. . .

this painting is from the 90's- titled five- i used a lot of black back then

this thing was titled hey, there he is talking about himself again- and now i guess it could be about me and this blog and it's huge belly gazing teenage pomp- i suck- look at me- boo hoo- i have to work late in the rain in freezing cold dark Washington- i paint pictures- tears ~cry~ bitch

a wonderful hardcore song- by Minor treat

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