life's stuff on the side of the road

on the floor- feeding the cats at The house
have i reviewed this book yet ? well if i haven't here's the short version anyway- not only is this book wrapped in one of the greatest dust jacketed pieces of art of all time but on the inside is a legal document stating that this book will no longer be printed- Charles Manson is in the news a whole lot these days- one of his ladies recently died in prison and one of the gals was released -
i guess the back story is- is that back in the seventies when this story went down the counter culture wasn't sure if the family actually did any of these crimes/ or if Nixon and Reagan the Governor of California at the time was framing these poor hippies and their little family of nuts-
so Ed Saunders*/who had shit loads of counter culture street cred- flew to California and disguised as a wandering mystic and acid fried lunatic infiltrated the Church of the Process and the remnants of the family to find out the real story- this book is the real story and it is insane and wonderfully written and so captivating- but you'll have to find a used copy from the seventies- it is sadly out of print
and so good- i read it twice

this little zine used to be so great- before the Internet and all you e-bay sellers ruined the thrift shops with/ pickers and sellers and dealers racing to yard sales at 7 am, but back in the old days this fanzine was all there was espousing the beauty of thrift stores run by old ladies and whacked& wigged out church basements, capturing the smells and the stains with a hand plucked charm i will forever miss and cherish- plus she used to print my panty and bra manikin photos-
the author later wrote a book and made it big- i wonder if she's on etsy ?

the back of this photo says- My buck - found while trash picking with El Mutante who taught me a great junk picking trick- here it is, never go through the bags and boxes on the side of the road- throw them all in the truck and sort it all out later- fast and efficient - at home

same trash pile - i love this Kodachrome moment- so blue and white and red and captured- the tree the boys jacket, the ridiculously small hill- the blades of grass in the foreground

mom or grandma dressed up for Halloween- but fuck that- look at the living room- the couch the table that thing on the coffee table /the matching lamps /the wedding photo tucked in the back/ the blue carpet- and she is completely RED WHITE AND BLUE outrageous- does anyone else remember that the whole country went bicentennial mad in 1976- the whole county was fake federal/early American furniture and tri-colors over massively bad hair/ 1976 was a piece of shit
two other blogs also- or not- father & son art work east coast cars and a dodge rampage

* the Fugs

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  1. Neil,strange picture of the deer and the dog, good road find. Hey, don't be so free with the passing on tricks of the junk gods! I feel it is only proper to tell you where I got that tidbit, Chops, the greatest junk picker I have ever known.


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