scribble shack

some boring white people will probably buy this building /renovate and build a huge kitchen with stupid giant appliances and a mud room with bright red stackable washer /dryers in spinning tumble form and i~ i will never again have a place to run to- when the family kicks me out for being too hardcore~too nu-wave~too fruity- never be able to see a tranarchist band play two chord magic in a soupy smelling steam filled room illuminated by candles

xx-yy xx-yy

tran !

everybody scream

archy !

i wish

push me~

the house had been set on fire twice and Cyrus had resurrected it like a great wounded Phoenix- covered the walls with art and objects of free found wonder

the fire department hacked off the electrical feed but left the water and the gas so there was a kitchen and bath

no walls, no sheet rock- creating one huge living space with ribbed ceiling to a fly away sky with chalky lines explaining the stars above wood stove warmth nap nests


featured in the coffee table book - Punk House

Dashiell really liked the front door and all the knobs

hello, my name is-

these matching gems will be chucked out to the curb with pinned on signage -free and other people will plant their asses upon them like hobo princess's pea-ing for change

bling a free lunch

travelling bands played here and i broke my number one rule- leave the kids alone- and went to shows here, in my defense usually with Jake, and we'd stand in the kitchen and eat gluten free muffins with flavors like leaf pile and twig

i wonder what flag that is- Free Cascadia ? Eugene United ? I've seen it a million times and shrugged-

i just wish MDC would play an acoustic show here- before people with careers and mortgages move in with their cute record collections and their poesy turntables and Etsy shops~ oh wait~that's me- I'm the reason Scribbles will move on into dreams

but there is some hope and if not~ one last show at the end of the month and we can all drink tea in space suit armour and watch with amazement as life on earth ends- in for sale signs-Realtors stalking- and credit scores

or a black tornado sweeps thru town and lifts this marvelous building with Henry and Cyrus inside and drops them into the heartland of some place wonderful and delicious, without the squished witches, though, and all Technicolor dreamy with berries on top~


  1. The "Love letters only" mailbox is pure awesomeness.

  2. thanks miss nikiproject- you are a sweetie~


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