macaroni mad max family

welcome to the wasteland~ this is my macaroni mad max family ~my dogs of war !!! unleashed upon the streets of Seattle

we drove around screaming~ bikes are for wimps ! asking other drivers if they would like to race~ or if they knew the way to Thunderdome ?

fake barbed wire made of yarn and pipe cleaners, silver painted macaroni~yeah

rigatoni wheel lugs- my favorite detail

during the day most other drivers just shrugged and ignored our taunts and failed to understand
the beauty of a vehicle in costume~
it was Saturday and we live in a college football town~

she died in the wasteland looking for love~ and finding candy

we handed out boomerangs and chocolate eyeballs
you think it's chicken~ but you are so very wrong

years ago there was a fanzine written from out in the wastes of long island, NY/ where a bunch of nutty punks had begun really driving muscle cars around and terrorizing people- the zine was called- Years of living dangerous-

the theory behind the spikes and shoulder pads and hair- is a medieval one- an animal nature code, the meaner and more frightening you look, the less you actually have to fight-
but i just thought, i looked~ glammy and . . .well. . . gay
but the little kids were so frightened they wouldn't even take candy and gifts from me~

we stood around throwing boomerangs and stuffing our faces ~
personnel favorite this year~ butterfinger~ such a filthy name for a candy

all the guys looked a Mee Mee with new, hornier eyes, apparently guys like big hair and hairspray~frosty lips
and to be honest~ me too ! and i didn't even know it ~ Halloween is a great learning tool

myspace bathroom shot- don't you think i'm a hot confused fruity biker~ be my friend. . . and yes i am on myspace because i'm a proud brown skinned warrior
the truth is~ that your choice of costume really does speak loudly of things held within~
i have never had more people stare at my crotch~ for such long stretches~mind you~ a huge overstuffed codpiece encrusted with elbow macaroni trimmed in fur is quite an eye full but come on ladies, moms and children~ i have a face !
and now. . . and now !
i don't want it to ever end~ maybe i should just carry on with this life~perhaps the Apocalypse has happened~ maybe this is just the beginning of our fall to ruin~ the end of our society~ maybe the recession is the match and all of our cities and dreams will be swept away in violence and. . .and~ macaroni~
maybe i'll cut off the Mohawk tomorrow ~
i need to live this ~not as costume~ but as something grand and historical


  1. Both you and Meech look HOT!

  2. I am so gonna honor this on my blog later today. You guys are so crazy, in the best way possible! I'm surprised your van didn't magically take flight at some point that day, with all you guys on it, just to make your whole grand display all the more jaw dropping. Rock on, Vandervloeds!!

  3. oh my are special. xjulie

  4. Wow! You guys look like you're having fun! Come back to NYC and teach my boys to dress like that!!!
    alex story


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