stop for me ! it's the claw !!!

dashiell painted this in school ~ NY Mets pumpkin ? very stark

baby far far painted us a headboard in the bedroom~ when nobody was looking~ he is the destroyer

he paints in 3-d, he'll stand in the kitchen with a pen and draw in the very air-

Airdrawing we call it, very conceptual

stolen or acquired ? i don't know the morals of this piece of street art, if a piece is guerrilla art, street bombed, is it then part of the public domain and up for grabs, we all saw this piece up on a telephone pole pulled over and Mee Mee held the kids on her shoulders like in a cartoon and pulled it down~ i love this piece~ but ! is it stolen~or liberated ?

click this image to really see the snow level in the Cascade mountains, across lake Washington

little flag poems near a murder spot

Halloween is over~ death to pumpkins

old age for pumpkins is an ugly slimy affair

a NW winter tradition shuffling the homeless around~ to different camp sites, no showers, very close together ~ Watched

I'm a peeker

little flag poems~again

when you absolutely can't pick a color use them all ~roy g biv reversed

the greatest graffiti ever~

one of the last remaining ~ this one is over in West Seattle

the new view out my back door~ OSB anyone~

back yard view~ welcome to the city~

looking at my van and new neighbours, and the reason why i am going to demolish my own house and build a postmodern concrete and glass urban loft low income home cluster with weed green roof gardens and reflective glass floor to ceiling windows so these new people can enjoy the view~ of themselves~ as i block the city view to the west~ revenge !

below is a link to a really great site~
Think AgainAcrylic on canvas by UnknownAcquired by Scott Wilson from trashThis disturbing work "makes an offer you can't refuse". The chilling, matter-of-fact manner in which the subject presents the severed head to us is a poignant reminder of just how numb we have become. The understated violence implicit in the scene speaks volumes on our own desensitization, our society's reflexive use of force, and the artist's inability to deal with the hindquarters of the animal.


  1. My mom has this picture in her spare bedroom. I've always loved it. always coveted it. It's in much better shape than the one your friend found. If I remember, I'll snap a picture of it.

  2. and actually.... i think hers is more detailed... entire horse... more detailed woman...


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