chicken of naive

this idiot had to shave his Mohawk off and let me tell you~ this is the wrong time of year to be a skin head~

what do we do all day ? well, I'm glad you asked, me and the boys have hot coco and pie/ tea parties, pretty tough~ i know~

my sassy ex-girlfriend/ wife's bag exploded~ and i ran for my camera~ unbelievable~

Capital C' lives out in the boonies of White center~and i have been helping her with her HVAC problems i spotted this little photo and fell in love, what a cute city on the ocean and aerial shots of their brand new jetty and groins/ protected river mouth and ship canal

but look closer and you can see a little gem of a beach break, this set up is just like Indian River, Delaware, such a Divine right

taped to the wall in the eighties ? a great sign to have survived~

plus the flyer, god damn this is great, Jungle juice ? what we can't blow up garbage cans !

and Syntax is playing ! Jesus i can see it now, a new wave Rush cover band, skinny Burien dudes in tight jeans and mustaches wearing skinny ties~ wait that's tonight ! bring a blanket ! what the hell

they blew up the trailers next door last year~ holy shit~ and their having another party this year~ wow

that fucking Hitler~ doesn't he know when to quit~ what the hell is a red'chutist ?

damn Nazi's

FROZEN EGGS !!!!! why ?

a blank ss card~ damn Nazi's

chicken of her youth

bottles and shoes~ and dust~ the whole world is old and hidden

catmese twins ?


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