there's this super hero lady, who sleeps at my house, who drives to Oregon, six hours south through treacherous mountain passes~across ice exploded glaciers with two demanding children, and four bald tires to celebrate thanksgiving with the hippie sweeties~ because i have to work and starve myself with crazed ideas while she hears horrible noises and the truck over heats and dies on the side of the road and she has to race to a town and tow the truck and rent a car and get to Bend before everyone goes home for the holiday leaving whole towns empty, while she in her beautiful wind blown hair heroically clutches the children to her breast and eats turkey and stuffing, gravy and cranberry smothered everything, while i drink cold tea and stare at my toes, waiting to work in the rain and black fucked sky~

when i get the call that the truck is too expensive to fix~ i don't know what to do~

when this wonder women throws back her cape and strikes~

She rents a truck and a car carrier and brings home the kids herself and one sick truck~ nine hours home all while avoiding cops and state troopers because the trailer they gave her was too short and the truck could have flown free and driven itself into other lanes of adventures

all so some sucka can get behind the wheel and rip his neighbours tires off crashing truck and trailer up the street out of our drive way and away while i cry and fall into her lap~ we will never have holidays away from each other again~

Mee~Mee kicks ass~ just so you know~
plus a new post over at my van site~ like anyone cares~


  1. you have the best wife in the whole freakin' world! don't ever forget that, mr. are one lucky man.

  2. That Mad Max sure picked a super,smart,strong partner.pucci

  3. neil, hows it goin ,brother got to catch up to you soon, I promise, take care,....BILL BEDULA.


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