one liners

His lips can blow softly across the teacup of her ear.

from this book titled The Yiddish policeman's union, by Michael Chabon

picked up at a yard sale and reluctantly read because of the remarkable dust jacket art, embossed and so great~

some detail

one of the ideas expressed within this novel that i found fascinating~ is that of every generation producing a messiah, and it is up to the people and the times, whether he/she is brought forth to act, called the Tzaddik Ha-Dor~ that's a lot of Jesus, Mohamed and Buddha

no lines stand out from within this books 500,ooo words~ how can that be you ask~ well it's pure and simply~ a sci-fi space opera in three long winded parts, completely demanding~

the most annoying aspect of this series~ is the main character Sassinak, an Admiral of some hockey space fleet, who thinks about cute boys constantly while saving the universe, and so unlikely i almost threw this book away, but had to finish it first~it's like Twilight in space, so cheesy, so embarrassing and it required three authors

cheesiest line~

Kipling's corns ! as expletive numerously used~ reminiscent of Asimov's dorky Jehosaphat ! Foundation series~ i swear he used that fucking word a thousand times

and P.S. nobody is going to be reading Kipling in the future, on space ships, nobody !

What's the matter with them ? Are they the first of a new race of monsters ?

from Dashiell Hammet's The Thin Man 1933

i like to judge books by how many lines i try to remember~or write down on some piece of paper~i'll throw out or lose tomorrow~
thanks, N~

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