an embarrassing read

one of the greatest names in the language and just a great piece of street art

old Seattle apartment building having to face off with modern empty office building, toaster


whatever these things are, they've really taken a beating over the passed few years

i really like broken street objects, rusted Re bar and crumbly concrete, moss and grassy living things fighting thru cracks

signs that the city builds for bored kids and guys who wish

gutterpack under the skyline, Christmas eve~ with soaked cardboard gifts

at the end of every month for the passed year the sidewalk sculptors have been going ballistic with installations~ this piece was actually watched over with a chaperon, who huddled in the door way with a sleeping bag and plywood crib walls~ i didn't take his picture~ and he didn't ask me to step back, or whisper no touching

mattress forts over grass vs rent money
can traditional two dimensional framed art carry any importance against reality's poverty

i tried to steal a bit of this show but it all really sucked~ only holding cohesiveness as a whole
my side of this so called emerald city creates traffic stopping shows and gut retching smells
Mattress is a nice name for a show

you can read a book like this anywhere, a park bench, a train, an airplane, and be comfortable in the knowledge that mature adults aren't judging you by the cover art and assumed content of your book selection~ as though any novel which isn't about realistic events and people is some how better than~cowboys and rocket ships and time traveling fags

but come on do i really have to walk around with this book in my hands and waving it in your face~ what ? am i twelve ~

if your going to write a sci~fi novel~ have the art director have two covers,the crazy noir robots fighting over the boobtray wearing super model with skull head, for all the nerds and comixcon goth shims and fems, and one of embossed vines and some fancy cool font title for people who judge

my wife climbs trees and i watch from couches~waiting for fall~

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