this one is for my mom

my mom calls me up and tells me~that i don't write enough walking adventure stories now, now that i have a job again, now that this dreadfully cold winter is crushing us, that i don't go surfing anymore, where are the pictures from the beach~ the nice stories about bums and trees and houses and history
thanks mom for reminding me that i wimp out every winter~ it's too cold and far away to go surfing in the winter the days are too short the tides are too slow to fit within the day my kids wont come with me, nobody wants to ride shot gun as i hot box it~slow down icy wet logging roads of imagination~i have no money to spend driving five hours to waste on ferry fares~ coffee tea and groceries~ it is just all too much~ compounded prohibitively expensive and wasteful and why i must move~
look how small the van looks~ Mee-Mee's van now~

the new town homes continue to grow and i with them plan to do the same i will build my own version of the future~ only more modern~ ugly~ flat~ wide and corrugated~
my mom thinks i need to put more pix of kids~ here you go mom~ a blog about kids
and this is my blog of cars and vans~


  1. You will never guess who this is from,Thank's for making me feel guilty.But I just loved seeing your house and Forest,maybe next time you could make everyone stand if front and wave.ha-ha.Miss you and love you,keep up the good pr.

  2. hey soon enough, we are going to send you video, oh you will here the screaming,
    Forest often calls for grandma, thank you Neil for representing the family:)

  3. oops thought i was signed in...hummm i can have some fun!!!


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