so your going to write a sci~fi book

it's really hard to stay focused on writing a crappy novel when such great movies are on TV

when your eyes can only dream of the lusciousness of summer gardens

like beautiful ice picks~ stabbing me in the face

my wife doesn't own a cell phone and leaves the house unattached to the voice of millions

having never actually done anything in my life it's hard to draw upon experience ~ build a novel about sitting in a van waiting for tides to swing

spend all day waiting for people to bring you things

imagine a world of nothing~
but wind whispering~
i am backed up against the wall of everything i know~

my space suit is black~ full of holes~ and stinks


  1. These are so luscious and romantic.
    Each one is salty hot springs.
    Why do I ever have to dry off the dogs and replace the water filters?
    Of course only what I want isn't safe either.
    Love j

  2. Write it, write it, write it. And these pics are great, they all look like your work! The same eyeballs I presume!


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