two lane hippie

i like a film from the seventies without any pale white~ out of shape boobs or bodies~ a film without dialogue~where nothing much happens~ much like a persons life or how this person spent his youth driving aimlessly down country roads~
you can see what every one looked like clear up until the eighties from this film

a film about two long hair skinny guys who are both in love with the same car

then this girl randomly shows up and trys to make it a film about her but that doesn't work at all

this same actress would commit suicide just eight years later~ she looks exactly like all the girls from my old high school and my son Dashiell
the best part of the film is when the girl gets disgusted with all the gay car talk and climbs on to the back of Billy's chopper and they drive off to make easy rider~via time machine~

like a drive-in movie~ you are not really here for the film~ but for the mosquito's~ kids drinking beer out of popcorn cups ~ picking fights with hillbillies ~ exploding stars among cornfields

i have to tell you a secret~ i really like crashing cars

the guy who wrote the screen play for this film, which was bought for 100,000 dollars, and thrown out, bought a sail boat and took his two year old daughter around the world

when i was ten this is all i would draw~ and how i became a painter~ while i should have gone racing
best line of the film~

you ain't hippies~are ya ?

dodge charger chasing the boys backwards

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