my friend J.T. Steiny sends me a piece of art just about every day~ he uses the regular mail like your momma uses the Internet~ and i love him for it~ he brightens my day and makes me feel lazy at the same time~ inspires me and amazes me with his gifts of pen ink and brush, color and cardboard wonder http://www.jtsteiny.com/

He has a mini~empire of web sites and blogs http://jtsteiny.blogspot.com/

the greatest of these to cheer the eyes everyday is Dog a day, and i don't even like dogs, much http://a-dog-a-day.blogspot.com/

he teaches children how to make books out of their art work~ beginning to end http://abookeveryweek.blogspot.com/

love this painting so much so busy and colorful

this is one of the best ~ used without permission~ sorry

porniture is one of my favorite books~ you can find it ~ somewhere in here~ so, so very great

the chin on this mermaid kills me~

the mail which arrives for me is sometimes so large that the mail men rip pieces off or fold these paintings in half~ creasing mangling ruining, and smudging~

it's like receiving birthday cards everyday

J.T. should be everyones friend, brother or teacher, or d.] all of the above

so much talent~ i stand humbled. lazy and honored



  1. How did you get so lucky?! And it makes perfect sense that you're buds, your work complements each other's perfectly!

  2. Oh, now, why you have to go and do that?
    You sweet bastard.
    As you and we and some know, it is merely an avoidance of the
    real issue.
    And thank goodness that no one knows what the real issue is,
    so theres some play in the argument of valuable time spent or not.
    Even though valuable doesn't exist either.(a lot of people think they
    know all about these things, but they are fools)
    One day I will be dead, but the dream of a million full portapottys
    of my design for people to wallow in afterward (and during)
    still fuels the scramblings.
    Damn you and your lovely drawings and words.
    You go around flaunting them like nice tits.
    And me, so fucking heterosexual, fall prey.
    I thank you, you scumbag.
    All your comments do is make me feel embarrassed and,
    good, quite frankly.
    And I'll take that.
    Damn you.
    And a big ole love to you as well.


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