being safe will never get us into space

humanity hasn't been to the moon since what ? ~ the seventies~ and i blame~ the rise of personal injury worries and the law and the state as nanny, if NASA built a bunch of backyard spacecraps and asked for volunteers to fly to mars, Jupiter the moon, millions of people would raise their hands and come with tents to wait in line for the chance, i would

what the hell, the airplane succeeded because people were willing to die for the glory the adventure

this very country was conquered with the same mindless bullheaded disregard for person safety

and we as humanities hope~ need to do this, we need to end all these stinking wars around the world bring our boys and girls home and start building fleets of spacecraft, who cares if they can fly, paint the word experimental on the side and dare some maniac to fly it, who wouldn't,sit in a capsule marked with skulls and crossbones and light the fuse and blow up~ there really is a whole universe out there twinkling above us~taunting us, challenging us to take a few steeps jump off the grass~ fly you sissy's~ there's a starman, waiting in the sky~ David bowie said that~now i'm going to take the wheels off my van, put a used Saturn engine under the bumper and save my pennies for some solid rocket fuel

any one know a slightly wacko scientist with mad talent~ a super cute daughter, in silver jumper, maybe a monkey and a lovable rascal of a kid who always wants to tag along and always saves the day, shit, that's like what ? lost in space or speed racer or something, but it's my dream too, keep your laws off my spacecraft

i really want the stars

and i don't want lawyers or Ralph Naders telling me i might blow my fingers or town off

fuck ! don't they know about aliens and derelict fleets of dusty ghost towns on mars and black monoliths in lunar craters

we will never know anything sucking oxygen with a bunch of mammals

thank you

and by we i mean all of us alive at this very moment


  1. What if we never have made it to the moon at all?

  2. what if the moon wasn't made at all.
    what if we made the moon never
    the moon never made what if

    anyway it works out we or me must go somewhere at some point, we can't stay here forever
    i am just calling for the diaspora ! now !


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