the tree and the dust

chapter 5

i spent my larval years tumbling and eating my way through the trash and extinction left behind by other races of man, or human, of being, as fleck of dust, as sparkling shard, a black snowflake~worming it's way to your heart
the Measeld Velligee Professtor

the blue, green, and white bubble that was the world sat on the tip of god's dick
which was the name of the ship* that was this world but i wouldn't know this fact for decades~ i thought i was alone on the world, of rubble and puddle and gravel and grave, among the monolithic tombs, tenements, and statue with faces blown off, worn away, tumbled into jumbled weedy beds and copse, me and the machines, the mother, the pony, the guardian and the monsters~ the snow, the ice, silver clouds and cold. . .

Alone in any human sense, is a tragic way to begin a love story~

but could you ever really begin a love story from within a prison, a jail cell, a zoo, under glass, so very Victorian

when i was born into this world. . .
what are you doing? the unbridled unicorn asks, flush yellow in the glare of starstab.
I'm telling you a story, how this all begins, so when I'm dead and killed and dismembered you can tell future archaeologist, what i was all about, what my existence will have been ~
i honestly don't think anyone will care, and i stare with a head tilted dumb, within the bacterium suit, ruffled up around my neck, the voice foggy with glittering ice
when your dead, history will have ended and thus nothing will know of you
but what of the Measled Velligee ?
He/it will look for more~ of your race
are there more, could we find them ?
and the unicorn, she called pony, shudders and lays at her feet, grab your weapons, Sarrow
this world created in mimicry of human habitation plagiarised from the ruins of diaspora, one small world, destroyed by violence and glacier
The creature hunted the barren world with paw and fang and sent it's tethered children out in front beyond it's own eye to fetch the flesh of child
little and mean like rabid feathered puff balls advance with rolling teeth, chattering,
eeeeeaaaat, they shrieked~leaping over the slice edged drifts, Pony run ! Sarrow attacks with fist crushing blows against thin skinned predator, who pop, exploding organ and tooth
she ducks, jumps rolls and kicks bites and spits, with survival vengeance, the pony leaps a tangled mass of white feather blood and cries, as Sarrow lands on his back and they run full speed on into the claw tentacle beak maw of the creature, in white, supernova, snowstorm,
hell of a planet you made, Proffestor
the creature stands up with prickled ear, and massive face and shoulders, a mouth full of hands and claws screaming, puking digestive fluids, and seamen, a horror of wide open sphincter, and the clearest blue eyes intent on prey, all stare at a thin lichen covered girl riding an improbably manufactured pony with a knife welded to it's forehead
while the creature just wanted to understand love, with it's waving frantic tentacle, olfactory, to taste the love of flesh and the flesh of loved
i love you the creature simple states why does it have to be like this ? don't you love me ?
and Sarrow atop the pony painted black with blood attacks into the very heart of this creature
cutting and hacking till she punches through to the other side and is kissed by snowlight and sweet air,
turning she looks behind to see a cave carved out of the very body of this thing slowly collapsing in spasm, death and delight
your leaving me ? i know it . . .
and Sarrow breaks a smile and laughs, as the monster lays on top of the unicorn, who squeaks, help !

*translated of coarse

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