nature with underpants

in the rain the saddest thing to see is little piles of wet flattened cloths

or maybe the rapture

imagine twins each pulling the others sock off or some careless father dressing one

immense fake football fields, with little bits of fake earth in gravelly chewed up tires

against this very ruby shrubbery
a double wide bum nest with view of pond
now in yellow~
invertebrate spring is the title of my make-believe chapbook of new poems
about keggers in the fields and bush
favorite door in Seattle
almost a farm house
why ?

such beauty evokes nothing but poetry and desire
landing pad

for monsters~ these things never work anyway

this is a great little vid, and i can't figure out if it's possible to helicopter video 90 degrees, if you know how~ tell me ~ everyone with a lap top can just tilt there rigs~
love ya N~

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  1. Iloved everything you photographed especially the octopus,but my favorite was Forest on the swing,I felt like he was going to swing right into my arms and I could give him a big kiss.What a cutie just like his mom and dad.Keep the blog coming.pucci


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