the tree and the dust

chapter 4

the rain fell like glass and slashed our throats~

a whole world wilted at our feet

i drank a cup of blood in a room with diamond windows and waited for the world to come to an end~ in moon light artificial

the room was within a ship~ the ship was a world~ adrift submerged in the thick black void between stars, millions of years beyond the touch of light

we will float forever~

a crew of monsters ~

who could live forever

i could sit here watching the dust settle over hands holding the book, with it's black leather crust eyes scanning left to right, then right to left and up down, diagonal and gave up, a year had passed and the blood had gone cold, curdled, evaporated

when the window shattered and the glass shaped icicles stabbed thru the air at my face as i leap to my feet jump roll and fly cartwheel

as a monster dressed shabbily in gauche designer envirosuit pushes through the hole

so your home i tried to humor

and~ you are still alive~ the voice clicks across the air as whispered threats and the monsters face melts thru the ice of the helmets bubble

so very white the skin like blizzards against lightning

god, your hideous~ i breath in her form as the suit, shyly unfolded itself from the body, of this monster, in bipedal, twig like form, so thin and tall and pointy, unshielded, naked, pulsing, moist, bald, and furry, smooth like a fish and almost two dimensionally repulsive

this is the waste your life hunts for, this is your study, you love this form,while i mock it, and wear it's shame as costume to show you your disgrace~ and she brushes her hair back over shoulders improbably tall and flat, golden fur, with crinkly waves, and some morbid rotting fruit stink~civet

look at me,paraphilias Proffestor, put down your untranslated book and look at an actual human~

why do you prod me my friend, have your adventures fallen between the cracks of financial viability ? Human ~ that flesh you wear ~how dare you~ how disgraceful,

at my feet then planted with sisal root, i lean into the glassy shards, blood and dust fluid ground


i found the humans, she slurs her words into unknowable yelps and squats to defecate,

alive ? what are they like~ where are they~ casual, place the great book upon the floor, hands, like corroded spiders to brush back a feaf, a fissure, standing again, bending with eye~

alive you speak of mystical creatures as alive~how ?

what ? now, you must tell me what they are ~ pleading almost feathered with excitement~

they are like this i brought you one of their young~ a baby

on fire

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  1. a baby on fire! eno referenced? so many crazed thoughts, no doubt the product of a madman's mental wanderings on a particularly knife-studded eve, rife with blood rivers and howling half-deads.


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