my old self wouldn't believe -

what would the younger version of myself think if he could somehow, materialize into my life right here and more importantly~ would i need to punch him in the face

the first thing he'd say~ would be~ you have three sons, are you fucking crazy ?

why don't you live in New York City ?

your still straightedge

you never learned Spanish ?

what ? you never went back to college ? dipshit !

your not very hardcore are you ?

you live in Seattle ? Washington ?

you drive a 25 year old VW van, where's the muscle car ?

you never wrote a real novel ? that people could actually read ?

i'm glad you go surfing, i always wanted to do that

you didn't go to grandma's funeral ?

You and Hugh never robbed a bank ?

what have you been doing all these years ?

you slackline ? isn't that kind of circus ~ ie ?

are you wearing black chuck taylor's ?

go ahead ask yourself some questions



  1. never liked the gun club
    never understood straight edge
    spanish esta muy cool
    but really you're quite the same now
    as are we all
    we cannot escape the horrors of ourselves

  2. how, could you not understand X
    what's to understand, i always viewed it as a way to not fall into the traps of the easy world, to be owned and controlled by corps. exploiting our needs to relax, have a drink smoke a ciggy, pay them, just a little every day to make them rich off our all too human need to adjust
    as to how to live with myself~ well that is a different question
    and one X can't offer, this path and this life is a lonely one, who the hell wants to hang out with someone who doesn't do anything
    people are inherently uncomfortable around each other and with straightedge X
    there is no pillow

  3. so simple in fact i forgot to tell you the suggestions this ideal is forged from

    i don't drink

    i don't smoke

    i don't fuck*

    or do things that fuck with my head or perception

    a very fluid set of guidelines

  4. and yeah, weary1


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