my side of crazy

i have clearly gone crazy, dear friends, for you see i have crossed over to the crazy side of automobile ownership

for i now own a parts van~ yes that's right, a parts van

a matching 85 vanagon, with a stolen transmission and a rod stuck through the block, but a nearly perfectly flawless body and mostly together interior, and perfect glass~
i bought it because i needed the bumpers, front grills, windshield, but now~ the real crazy hits, maybe i'll look for an engine and tranny~ ahhh, the madness grows and spreads. . . get in~
more photos tomorrow with the sunlight~

just listed new photos over at my van site check it out, or i'll poke your eyes out

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  1. you are insane! next time i see a busted-up vanagon abandoned i know where to tow it to.


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