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if one image can be burned into your memories these shoes hanging over the wire in front of our home will shape who Forest grows up to be~ he used to point up there constantly, from the front window, from the yard the steps, from the window driving down streets, he'd be pointing before language~ pointing and whispering shoes, in his native language, while we looked about confused and dumb
little flag poems~ click to find

the darkness of winter mornings and town homes shadows

when we were children, the sounds of trash can lids crashing to sidewalks surface echoed across the streets of Queens, NY where i grew up~ i did not bring this thing with me, but it follows

i really love it when i do the dishes and look out the window at 1963 parked on my sidewalk

i think the greatest thing in the world you can do is to send someone a real piece of mail, in painting form can only be more wonderful

the kids wouldn't model form me today, so i used the table, love the mankini, Jay, love

the man has summed up my whole shtick in one simple elegant drawing~ now i can retire, you know all that you need to know, there will be no growth

the U.S. mail rumpled this piece unmercifully

family trip to the parking lot, full of poor people living in vans and trying to survive from within flat black Chevy's on black top, riddled puddles and mean drunks waving flags, we should all plan ahead now, what if our prez said fuck it and pulled all of our troops out of everywhere and raced to Haiti and rebuilt the fucking place and turned our armed forces into an humanitarian strike force and our Navy into thousands of floating hospitals and relief vessels mobilized these wasted efforts for something good in the world~ ahhh, dreams. . .
click on the above photo to see the poor girl i did not kidnap~waiting for baby to awaken

my lovely mother called this week, to tell me that she had read this whole blog, beginning to end, 228 pages~ for Christmas i had had it printed for her, the whole thing, crazy, and hard cover, it looks like a freaking text book~ but i don't know what class this could be~ so she read the whole thing
greatest mom ever !
She loved it~ and i hope you do too~

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