sunday in the park with vanagons or what we do to trees

first of all let me state for the record that i do not believe in the zoo~ i can't stand seeing all these endangered wild animals put on display for our children's distraction~ and creating this false hope that we as masters of the world are somehow working hard to save our furry/feathered friends from this massive genocide we have committed~ thank you~
so i don't go to the zoo with my children {they should be in the cages} and wife who is the warden, i drop them off at the gates and park the van and go for a hike~ i saw ten vanagons in one hour~ a new record~ this battle wagon rallies that parking spot
somebody likes to paint things

what we do to trees~ multi~ amputee

the Fremont area is where i hiked around, down the hill from the zoo~near the ship canal~in the rain~ people crack me up

walking about the city with an open eye, you get to see so much more than the automobile allows
this mural takes up the whole warehouse wall and at what first appears so cute with little animals cohabiting

gets pretty dark~ thematically

a barn burning~looting~

a hanging ? in public ? i wish i knew the story behind this thing~ but don't want the answers~either

love the raccoon behind bars

going to start a feature~
the backs of things

caged tea garden

ship canal dug by hand to connect lake Washington to lake union to the Puget sound and the ocean, dropping the lakes level by twenty feet

what we do to trees

Aurora Bridge or Washington memorial bridge where 13 people a year jump to their deaths

way too cute

watch out trees

if i just stare at this ~ it'll become so obvious

a two post bed~pine headboard cardboard comforter

this is the first bum nest i have ever seen occupied~ he didn't move~ i should have checked

this is an actual home [ish] right in the heart of Fremont water front

stairway to dogs~check out the owner in the trash can, as her beasts run at me barking

this one is for my father who builds stuff like this

this fucking glove is scary !

forced to grow into a fence and give birth to convenient fruit

raised in slavery, chopped down for pennies, displayed to celebrate the completion of the trinity, and kicked to the curb, trash to trip over~
i climbed a wall to take this picture fell down in front of a metro bus and laughed, sixty people pointing at some bum covered in needles and bark climbing a wall to jump to some gods birth celebration
while my wife and children play at swingsets and slides and behave as part of society
i pick them up late because they are always late and they are early

more vanagon photos over here~

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  1. Tiny novels.

    I get lost.

    Want see for myself

    these things we overlook.

    Perfect little adventures.

    Some of us need to look closer.
    But only a select few.


    big love

    Tree killer jay
    the scavenger nymph


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