textbook to neilwaukee

have you ever put a video camera in a mirror and watched the crazy feedback falling endlessly forward into tunnels of color and repetition
well now this blog has become it's own book, and now a blog post about a book about a blog

and it's wonderful, if you have a blog i highly recommend this path of uber belly gazing~

i sent a copy of this book to my mom for Christmas, 248 pages or more, every single post, from this blog in full color and hardcover, so it feels great in the hand, lap and eye

like a text book for crazy people~
for my birthday, my dear mother had a copy printed for me and the family and wow,
having something in real book form is so much better than this odd little glowing screen version,
imparting some kind of importance to all this finger flapping on keys
the book will never die~the screen can not and will not destroy the printed word, on paper between cardboard glossy spines~
i admit it now, i do, i love books
long live the books
destroy all the readers
now~ who's ready for a pop quiz ?
thanks again to Saint Josephine of the Moms



  1. Now you have become immortalized.So happy you are as pleased with your book as I was.That book is a legacy for your children.Long live books.pucci.

  2. So cool! And I think this kind of belly gazing is so much better than so many other types. It totes is like a scrapbook or a diary/journal, such a great way to track your random thoughts and obsessions and then share them with your peeps. I guess I am a true blue Believer in the Blog. But I will always love books more than anything! Long Live Books! Long Live Books!


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