romantic sunsets

Toby and Suzanne make little books and really great hosts~ oops sorry i have to interrupt this blog with a beautiful sunset~ one second~ sorry Toby
this is the sunset today from our little hill
don't you just want to cuddle in the z~bed of my van with a hot coco, a a couple girls from jersey~ now back to books~

Toby and Suzanne make little books~ this is their newest and a gift, the cover is made from their actual waterproof map of Chile~ they spent a few months hiking, surfing and riding buses in South America~ and this little book is the baby

with little drawings and waves and story, thumb not included

Suzanne also makes little book earrings and pendants~Toby is my fitness guru and mentor~

one of my now famous kitchen table photos~ i do a lot of work at that table~ but i love the color~and love this book, thank you

sorry about the chewed up thumb, yucky~

buy more books! make more books! put more things in your pockets, draw more waves, wave more drawings.

on a side note~

standing outside of the line at the library waiting for the screaming to subside~ thinking stupid thoughts daydreaming watching the kinda guy who's too chubby to be sporting a beard, and a vintage white print button down shirt, a long hair dough boy with his girlfriend /mom who's a bit too old to be in such tight pants, uggs, make-up highlights, their both too old, hipster hasbeens, you know, and i look at myself just then, just as cruelly, shit, when do we get to retire, when can i put on tan slacks and a blue shirt, navy jacket with gold buttons, when am i allowed to walk away from it all, turn in my city boy union card, without any finger pointing heckles of irony~ i want out.

let the oldsters retire !


hipster dipshits is what their called over at regretsy~

i just want to go surfing sleep in my van and throw some rocks at other rocks around a head high fire~

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