i hate being topical

so all the radio folk are asking if this has really been a decade from hell~ and i say no way
no way~ for me and us anyway it has been spectacular
a new old junky house a new old stock sweetie of a van two great boys to grow up with we got married on a beach we learned to surf we learned to slack line and stair climb and swim and ride bikes and live
jake turned 18~ Mee Mee received her masters degree

sure the economy sucks but we are all incredibly wealthy in this~ that we have each other and our collective strenghts

fuck employment~ 401k plans and banks~ not one of us would have ever made these thoughts back way back when we glowed in the dark and sat on roof tops waiting for the sky to turn purple with the morning

we never worried about the sixty five cents in our pockets
life is so much more than worry and reality and the wonderful 2000's

in 1999 i stood at the window and threw the last change from out of my pocket and started the new year completely penniless

ten years hasn't changed a thing~ and has changed this everything

i love it


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