zines vs kids

i make fanzines for people to give to kids to destroy and throw away~

each zine is hand block printed, cut and folded and unfolded to make it a little book~very time consuming but i'm retired

i learned this trick over at etsy~ take funny photo's of inherently boring objects


add dramatic shadows against sea foam green

and JT Stieny sent me another great painting, i love it, it's me right, that's me, just like over at your blog, now Jay is sending me paintings of me~ isn't that great, next time the sun comes out, a few months from now~i will take some decent pix ~ great painting~ me as string bean carrying a van~ shit yeah

then Forest found the painting and wouldn't give it back, like a little beggar~ without language~holding up signs~in pure visuals

then of course Dasiell had to get his hands on it and then all hell broke loose and i took a shower~blogged~and looked at cars
thank you to Brook M for the inspiration this week

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  1. Hah,
    How sweet is that.
    I forget that children are so small.
    They can be really small. Huh?
    Masks and outfits for the little things coming next.
    Its time for the costumes for the not yet theatre production.
    Yes, the 'not yet theatre' production.
    Costumes arriving one at a time in the mail.
    'Little' The musical
    Total chaos.
    No script.
    Name of gallery?
    No 'the'.
    Where is MY new fanzine?
    I have a book addiction.
    Gimme, gimmie, gimmie.
    Big love
    J(doing everything, but what he should be)T
    And in turn only the good stuff gets done.


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