3 day novel writing contest/ done

day 2 in the van long after Jake had to bow out, and to tell the truth, this thing is really brutal to the brain, and body
my slackline shoes died, Mee-Mee threw them out, when the stink became over-whelming

i slept, and ate, and worked on this short book, 10 hours a day, or more

this is my writers back cover photo, paper and computer, pens, a touch of salt and pepper hair, surfboard on the wall. 65 pages, it's all i could do, the story was done, it finished itself, anything more, would seem like filler

when i novelize it, i can add the fluffy, the stretched sex scenes the random violence the sci-fi, the bikini girls, all the crap from TV, cartoon, comic books and other people's lives

short novel DONE, oh, yeah !!!!!

Dasheill was my illustrator, Mee-Mee took care of the kids and me, and feed me snacks

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  1. I love you and all you do and I love what you wrote, everyday I love what you write and paint and do....good job stinky shoes :)


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