sea four

i don't know why the photographers never show up for dawn patrol~

they do however show up en mass at sunset~ but by then they'll have missed the fog rolling over the jetty at Rialto beach

the vaporous woven trails of marine layer fogged candy

the first light to touch James Island

and this one staring at me~

the freaky stare of~

throw the damn stick human !

zero has learned to read waves and Snowflake stands upright and jumps over them

mushy barrels, la push

i sing Neil Young songs

try to surf this~



baby barnacle slingshot

babbling brooks going off

la petite crab hor d'oeuvres

so tiny~ dead


this is what the crows were screaming about

human lunch discarded~ canned

you should take your water-color painting class here~

animals shed their fur and skins~

the ocean brings forth much death

dashiell and two other boys all surfed this little A-frame, so cute

three ducks duck diving

action Mom

lost all our toys

just something lovable about~ thistle

this is how we roll


River burgers !


Nuts !

La Push, first beach from the air in 8x10 B/W glory
now off to the lake~

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